Sciatica: It’s a Label, Not a Diagnosis

If you are experiencing pain, numbness, or tingling in your leg it’s almost an automatic response. “My sciatica has flared up again”. Unfortunately “sciatica” is an extremely vague term used by physicians and insurance companies to describe sciatic nerve-like symptoms. It’s not your fault as the patient to think your leg pain is sciatica. Providers use it as a type of buzzword, like Plantar Fasciitis.

There are enormous amounts of money wasted each year for treatment of sciatica. Countless exercises, stretches, adjustments, injections, and unnecessary surgeries all claim to relieve sciatica. But, the results are futile.

Why Does This Happen?

  • Sciatica is a label, not a true diagnosis of the condition.
    • Treatment is not effective because there wasn’t a complete diagnosis.
  • There are actually multiple reasons for sciatic-like pain, but here are the two most common.
    • Sciatic Nerve Entrapment (SNE); adhesion sticks nerves to muscles in hip and leg.
      • Until recently the only treatment thought to fix this was surgery.
    • Lumbar disc-related pain that radiates down leg.
      • SNE is much more common.


Functional Spine and Sport fixes SNE with our unique and effective treatment.

Updated research has pushed to the frontline of treatment for this common nerve entrapment. There have been multiple accounts of Deep Gluteal Syndrome (DGS) which have identical symptom patterns as sciatica. Surgeons have been documenting and cutting fibrous scar bands around the sciatic nerve in the hip and hamstring region.

This is known as sciatic nerve decompression. (see video below)

Dr. Nottoli and Dr. Schultz have specialized treatment methods used to identify and effectively fix what surgeons have been finding for years! Their treatment expertly reduces muscle adhesion that has stuck the sciatic nerve to the surrounding muscles.

If you are experiencing sciatic-like pain and have been searching for real answers, you have finally found the right place. The doctors at Functional Spine and Sport can help you reduce your sciatic pain and have lasting results from their cutting edge treatment methods.

Call today to finally rid yourself of the constant numbness and pain you have come to live with! 224-813-3150.
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