Shoulder Case Study

Our Integrative Diagnosis colleague from Ohio drove up on a Friday to not only continue his education to be the best in his state, but to get expert soft-tissue treatment from Dr. Nottoli. He had a massive amount of adhesion (glue) sticking the nerves in his armpit to his subscapularis (shoulder muscle).

His shoulder pain has been a longstanding, cumulative injury from rugby in his early years and was now beginning to cause pain at work while helping his patients. After 8 minutes of expert MAR™ treatment, he was able to regain nearly 100% of function! Not only that, over 24 hours later the results stayed and he reported a 90% reduction in pain! Here are the photos before, after, and 24 hours later.




24 hours later


Two month follow up results:

The patient returned to his home to practice in Ohio and has not received treatment from Dr. Nottoli or other treatments. Patient reported 80-90% of range of motion remained and symptoms still reduced 90%. He also stated, “I was amazed!” These are massive results! He sent us this picture from his home on January 28th to demonstrate the sustainable results.

Our two doctors are the most experienced Integrative Diagnosis soft tissue doctors in the state of Illinois. We can help if you’ve been struggling with shoulder pain.

We can also help if you’ve had surgery and still have pain from adhesion/scar tissue. 224-813-3150