How We Help – Diagnosis Process

We don’t just treat pain.
We treat you.


Working to restore balance.

Adhesions don't happen overnight – fixing them doesn't either

This isn’t a single visit or two and you’re done. This is a process of consultation, measurement, treatment and assessment of the results. 

We'll see you in an individualized treatment plan until your problem is resolved or reached maximum medical improvement.

It may take 3 visits or 20. Whatever it takes to eliminate the pain and increase your mobility and function. 



Our approach.

Working together to find the issue so we can resolve your pain.

What to wear.

We have working therapy, so dress appropriately.




Think Workout

Come in your workout clothes.


Upper Body Issues

Wear a tank top or some other loose fitting top.


Lower Body Issues

Loose fitting basketball or running shorts.


Foot and Ankle Issues.

Slip-ons and ankle socks.


Get Pricing and Answers

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