Patients - Function - Performance

We’re dedicated to our patients and the expertise we give them.

About Functional

At Functional Spine and Sport, our methodology and doctors are focused on creating results that change how you feel and move.

We're dedicated to our patients and delivering clinical excellence.


Our Process

Our process makes us effective for you.

We focus on using Integrative Diagnosis® to help individuals find the underlying causes that create the condition.


Step One

Integrative Diagnosis®

Establish the exact tissue & pathology responsible for pain.



Step Two

Communication of Diagnosis

Helping you understand exactly what's wrong, how we will help, and expectations on getting you better.



Step Three

Manual Adhesion Release™️ and Instrument Adhesion Release™️

Using the most effective treatment for your condition.




Step Four

Retest and Load Management

Making sure we assess the success of the treatment