This Is Not For You...Or Maybe It Is

Do you want a “quick fix” for your problem?

Do you still want to workout and run even though you’re in pain during the activity and more pain after?

Do you like that insurances companies tell your doctor what to do?

Do you want a doctor that lets you dictate what you can and can’t do?

Do you like going to see your doctor/therapist even though you’re not seeing results?

Are you satisfied with your treatment not being measured and tracked?

Are you satisfied with pain relief that lasts less than 48 hours?

Are you happy with your injury being given a label, such as plantar fasciitis or piriformis syndrome?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then our office is not for you.

That may sound harsh, but the fact is our doctors care deeply about the health and well-being of every single one of their patients. They have dedicated their professional lives to fixing chronic pain cases where other doctors have either failed or mismanaged.

We live in a world where we can get whatever we want with just the click of a button or a short drive down the road. That mindset has inevitably spilled over into musculoskeletal health care and it shows. Next time you go to any sort of athletic competition count the number of people you see taped up or have cupping marks riddled across their body. Those are quick treatments used to mask someone’s pain. That is not the way to fix pain. Our doctors’ treatments don’t mask pain; they fix adhesion, which increases range of motion--providing lasting pain relief. Sometimes a treatment plan includes putting a temporary hold on your exercise.

If it hurts to workout or run and you continue to do so your problem will get worse.

Doctor Nottoli and Dr. Schultz don’t want that and neither do you. They may need to temporarily limit your activity so your body can finally be in a healing environment. In that case you would get the full benefit of treatment without causing any flare-ups or setbacks. In the long run you will much stronger with your workouts, not to mention you’ll be happy to exercise pain free again!

Our doctors constantly pursue one goal, getting you as healthy as possible so you can enjoy your pain-free life. Because of that, they aren’t strangled by insurance companies arbitrary treatment guidelines. Dr. Nottoli and Dr. Schultz care about you and delivering the unparalleled treatment you deserve. Insurance companies only care about $$$ and how much they can save. I don’t know how that sounds to you but when it comes to my health I don’t want to be short changed.

The way our bodies feel and function has a direct affect on our lives—from productivity, to having fun, and even to our relationships.

If you want to break the cycle of endless treatments with no goal in sight, Functional Spine and Sport is for you. If you are questioning why the providers that take your insurance couldn’t deliver pain relief, then this is the right place for you. If you’re not getting any better even though you’ve seen more than 3 providers, then Functional Spine and Sport is for you. If you have never been given an actual diagnosis for your condition…you guessed it, our doctors will completely and accurately diagnose your problem.

If you’ve seen multiple doctors and have had your pain longer than 6 months, it is time for real answers and real results. Call today 224-206-7050 to set up your consultation with our experts. Get the answers you’ve been searching for!