Back Pain Relief

Imagine being active and traveling often for work until one day you have such severe back pain that even your legs become tingly. This happened a few years ago to one of Dr. Nottoli’s patient when he was 31 years old. Fortunately that initial severe episode subsided, but the problem wasn’t gone. Over the next few years the pain had been occasional, but had become more severe again by the time he started treatment at our clinic.

How Bad Was His Case?

He had goals to return to a hobby that he had lost due to pain, get back to the gym, be able to wake up and feel his age, and have less pain when traveling. These goals were important to Dr. Nottoli as well, but this was a tall order. He had 80% degeneration in the low back and a ton of soft tissue adhesions to fix. Because Dr. Nottoli understands complex cases so well, this patient was in the right place to have his quality of life restored.

How Did This Happen?

To have degeneration and pain that severe took many years to develop. But it happened at a much faster rate as his MRI looked like he was 80 years old. The most common reason degeneration and pain develops so early and severely is due to soft tissue adhesion. Adhesion acts like glue in the muscles making them less flexible and weaker. Over time this puts increased pressure on the discs and bones causing them to wear out and become painful.

What Was the Result?

He was able to achieve all of his goals after a set treatment plan! To date, this patient maintains his active lifestyle by continuing his monthly adhesion treatments. This keeps the remaining low back discs healthy and keeps the spine from further degeneration.