Hip Pain Holding you Back in Life?

The hip is the largest, strongest joint in the human body.

The muscles that surround the joint are also some of the largest and strongest in the body. So how does the biggest, strongest joint in the body become a problem?

Answer: It gets used all the time.

When a joint gets overused it starts to compensate by recruiting surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This works for a short time and you continue on with your normal activity until there is no room to compensate anymore. Over time pain will be more noticeable and more frequent. The first sign that the hip has been compromised is restricted mobility. When the hip cannot move the way it should it will begin to damage the surrounding soft-tissue, creating hip pain and early signs of degeneration! Try the test below. If your thigh does not touch your ribs your risk of injury has drastically increased.

Healthy Hip = Thigh touching ribs pain-free and with ease.

Healthy Hip = Thigh touching ribs pain-free and with ease.


What causes the restricted mobility?

The most common cause of restricted mobility is muscle adhesion. Adhesion is arguably the most under-diagnosed problem in the body! When adhesion is present in muscle it prevents the muscle from stretching and contracting properly. This wreaks havoc on the hip joint! If adhesion is not fixed by a certified provider serious injuries will happen. These types of injuries include labrum tears, cartilage damage, degeneration, and in some cases, excess bone growth. With the proper diagnosis and expert treatment these injuries can be avoided or managed with great success!


The Good News

The doctors at Functional Spine and Sport are experts at finding and fixing adhesion! They successfully treat hip pain daily. Dr. Nottoli and Dr. Schultz are the only Integrative Diagnosis doctors in Lake County, IL certified to find and fix adhesion. Functional Spine and Sport is the most experienced Integrative Diagnosis clinic for muscle, nerve, and joint injuries within 100 miles of Chicago. 

If the hip test was difficult, painful, or restricted call 224-313-0157 and get the care your body deserves!
Hip PainJeremy Cockrell