What is your diagnosis?

Many of you reading this are most likely experiencing some level of pain or discomfort and searching for answers. You are not alone.

Dealing with pain or struggling through an injury can seem like a never ending cycle of massages, PT sessions, and chiropractic adjustments. You’re pain will be relieved for a short time and that is great! But, like clock work you are back in the office every week for a “tune up.” So, is what they’re doing helping? Is it pain management?


Unfortunately, this is all too common in conservative health care today. Patients are fit into the provider’s technique system rather than the provider making sure their system can help the patient.

The amount of visits your insurance allows may also determine how many visits you are scheduled for your treatment plan. The patient suffers in this model. This is an insurance driven plan instead of a doctor driven plan. In the latter, the patient’s problem is the number one priority. As it should be throughout healthcare.

Functional Spine and Sport is here to help YOU!


That is why the doctors at Functional Spine and Sport have dedicated their practice to obtaining a complete and accurate diagnosis for every patient they see.

That means they figure out what is exactly wrong with the patient and then determine if the patient is a candidate for care. If you, as a patient, are a candidate for care you will also be told how much relief you can expect (prognosis) with their specialized treatment.

Truly understanding a patient’s problem (the diagnosis) takes just as much, if not more skill than performing treatment.

If you are tired of continually going to the doctor’s office every week without ever being told why you are in pain, it’s time for change. Dr. Nottoli and Dr. Schultz help patients like this everyday. Our doctors explain to patients why they are in pain, how they can help, and the necessary steps to get them better.

If you want real answers with real results call 224-813-3150 and discover how Functional Spine and Sport can help you!
DiagnosisJeremy Cockrell