The Truth About Muscle Spasms

Those of you who suffer from chronic muscle spasms know they can be extremely painful and even put you out of commission for days to weeks.

The typical treatments are muscle relaxers, heat/cold therapy, or anti-inflammatory medication to name a few. Those seem to work temporarily, but like clock work the muscle spasms will come back to rear its ugly head a couple weeks to a month later.

You’ve tried everything from no longer working out to weekly massages. But, still no permanent relief or answers to why your back is always in spasm.


So what is really happening?

A muscle spasm is a warning sign that there is a much bigger, underlying problem. A muscle will hold a sustained contraction (spasm) to protect you from further damage. The most common reason for muscle spasms is a disc injury in your spine. The muscle will spasm as a signal to not bend or move a certain way. If you do the spasm will get worse because you have irritated the damaged part of the disc.

What should you do?

A diagnosis of “tight muscles,” “weak glutes/low back,” or “muscle spasm” is incomplete and can be dangerous. Those are all signs of a much bigger problem lurking beneath the surface. Seek out a doctor who understands the meaning of a spasm and will accurately find and fix your problem.

The Good News

Dr. Nottoli and Dr. Schultz of Functional Spine and Sport in Libertyville, IL can find the underlying causes of muscle spasms faster and more effectively than the industry average. They specialize in cutting edge manual therapy treatments to unload damaged areas of the spine and eliminate chronic muscle spasms.

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