Knee Pain

Knees constantly clicking or cracking? Are they stiff in the morning? Do you have knee pain while running? Do they take a long time to get loose?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we can help!

Knee pain can be extremely debilitating. It can present seemingly out of nowhere and cut your training cycle short. It even alters simple tasks like walking up and down stairs or driving. So what happened?

Your knee stopped moving the way it should and actually began damaging the surrounding soft-tissue. When the knee gets overused it becomes weak and starts causing the knee joint to slam into itself. Here is a self test to do at home.


Healthy Knee Flexion = Full Range + Pain Free and With Ease.

This causes pain, weakness, and early onset degeneration. Below are 3 major contributors that cause the knee to stop moving properly.


“Super glue” that sticks muscles together around the knee, thigh, and lower leg resulting in weakness, decreased flexibility, and bad joint motion.


Nerve Entrapment

Sciatic nerve becomes stuck (adhesion) to muscles in the hip and hamstring which results in pain behind the knee and increased pressure on the knee joint.


Sciatic Nerve Entrapment due to Adhesion Sticking the Muscles to the Nerve.


Is decreased joint space and cartilage wearing because of problems listed above.


Limited flexibility and strength due to adhesion will speed up degeneration.

So how can we help with your knee pain?

Dr. Nottoli and Dr. Schultz are experts at  finding and fixing adhesion. Their treatment also helps slow down degeneration. In fact, they are the 2 most experienced Integrative Diagnosis providers in the state of IL for muscle, nerve, and joint pain.

If you or someone you know have knee pain and are struggling to find the right answer, give the experts a call. 224-813-3150, we are here to help!
Knee PainJeremy Cockrell