Is your treatment safe, effective and durable?

Being in pain is not fun and having that pain affect your life is even less fun. Finding a doctor to truly understand and fix your problem can be an extremely tedious task.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Functional Spine and Sport we consistently help patients who have seen a plethora of providers with minimal improvement. In our office we dedicate ourselves to providing the best care possible to each of our patients. That translates to consistent results and healthy patients. In fact, we have an extremely high success rate with treatment when patients follow the specific treatment plans, guidelines, and advice they are given.

How is our treatment advanced and different?

We focus on accurately diagnosing the problem first. This allows us to explain, in detail, what the patient can expect under our care. After these crucial steps are taken then we apply expert treatment to the affected area. If the diagnostic step is skipped or not taken seriously the results are haphazard at best. That is why we pride ourselves on ensuring our treatment is not only effective but will last. We do not give vague and incomplete diagnoses like “bursitis, tendinitis, subluxation, ‘you’re out of alignment,’ tight, etc.”

The FDA requires new medication to be safe, effective, and durable before it can be considered for distribution. Manual therapy should follow the same guidelines.

Is the treatment you’re receiving safe, effective, and durable? Our treatment is!

Safe – Is the treatment safe or harmful?

Temporary soreness – is the most common side effect.

Effective – Does it do what it is said to do?

Our treatment (MAR/IAR) helps restore healthy joint motion by reducing and eliminating soft-tissue adhesion. We are experts at finding and fixing adhesion. This allows for your body to heal and recover so you can have your quality of life back.

Durable – Do the results last?

We follow a strict test-treat-retest protocol. This shows the patient that we are objectively improving their function each visit. In order for a joint to last a long time it needs to be able to move freely through basic ranges. We measure those ranges then fix the ones that are limited and contributing to our patient’s problem. Our treatment adds years of healthy use to once damaged joints! It also prevents progressive conditions like degenerative disc disease, cartilage damage, and joint degeneration from getting worse.

Navigating through doctors to find real answers and real results can be difficult. We are here to provide honest answers and consistent results. You have not exhausted all conservative options until you have consulted with the doctors at Functional Spine and Sport!

Expert diagnosis, expert treatment, sustainable results. Call 224-813-3150.
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