How We Help – Diagnosis Process

Increase function.
Eliminate pain.


Manual Adhesion Release™️ and
Instrument Adhesion Release™️


Our Expertise

Integrative Diagnosis®

We restore the natural function and movement of our patients' bodies.

If you're in pain, we believe we can help.

A 4-Step Process

To restoring the natural balance and movement of our patients’ bodies.

If you are in pain, discomfort or something consistently hurts - we believe Integrative Diagnosis® can help. 

Integrative Diagnosis® is cutting edge, extremely effective and precise.

This gives patients a clear understanding of treatment application as well as duration of treatment and care. 



We determine if you are a good candidate for our unique and specialized practice to ensure you're in the right place.


Testing & Measurement

Understand your condition, current status of function, and the process to get you better.



Using the moste effective treatment for your condition.



Using a test, treat, re-test model allows us to track the success of your case.


A Definition

Adhesions cause decreased flexibility, weakness, and pain.

ad·he·sion | noun
Pluran noun: adhesions

Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that bind two different tissues together that shouldn’t be connected. Adhesions can lead to pain, weakness, reduced flexibility and mobility.

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What does a visit look like?

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